. Rickety Shed Light Railway .


The Rickety Shed Light Railway is slowly taking shape and when complete will be the most easterly 16mm garden railway in the British Isles (though I suspect I'll get corrected on that!)

The line was initially a double loop in the garden shed, hence the name, however over the Easter holidays in 2000 the shed was dismantled as it had become a little too rickety!

There is a growing locomotive stud, currently comprising a Mamod, a scratch built battery powered railcar and a Roundhouse Bertie. Other rolling stock is being constructed; simple 4 wheel coaches and wagons, the latter in the style of the Southwold Railway which originally ran within 10 miles of this railway.

You can find out more about the goings on at the railway's own web site.

Richard Stone
Apprentice Mechanical Engineer.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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