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The Timpdon Lake Rly - Chris MacKenzie

16mm scale on 32mm gauge track (2 foot narrow gauge) has become very popular in recent years mainly because of the large number of articles published in model railway magazines. These all illustrate live steam engines running through all sizes of garden.

This layout tries to show that 16mm modelling can also be taken indoors. Although most people don't want to run live steam engines in their spare bedroom, a workable layout is still possible in a garage, shed or cellar. Both Mamod and Peco make 2' 6" radius set-track and as you can see, these tight curves can look quite prototypical with short rolling stock.

The layout on show here today depicts a scene at the Timpdon Lake Railway's engine sheds and Harbour Station. It's an Open Day, so all the loco's are on show.

Look out for the working scenic dioramas (like camera flashing train-spotters, working Aldis lamps giving morse code messages, not to mention a welding repairman, a smoking barbecue and many more! There's a CCTV system giving various vantage points, and even a camera in the train giving a passenger's perspective.

After careful consideration it was decided to build the layout on a freelance design. In such limited space it would be impossible to show so much traffic and detail (don't forget an average Ffestiniog train is over 16 feet long in this scale!). Instead, an attempt was made to recreate the atmosphere of several popular narrow gauge lines. However the operators argue that this isn't a "model" railway - it's a real one in its own right!

16mm scale narrow gauge is for everyone - not just the rich. Of course it's possible to buy a ready-to-run steam loco for over a thousand pounds, but it's also possible to make yourself a small battery operated loco for under five pounds - and that includes the batteries!

This layout is available for exhibitions. Please e:mail Chris MacKenzie for details to be emailed to you.

Photo 1
The complete layout

Photo 2
Harbour Station.

Photo 3
The new swing bridge (fully automated)

Photo 4
Another view of the Harbour Station. The coastguard has got an Aldis lamp and flashes five different morse code messages.

Photo 5
The Bridge Inn - with the layout owner and his son superimposed outside!

Photo 6
Timpdon's own lifeboat station.

Photo 7
Harlech Castle pulls a train over the swing bridge

Photo 8
Getting ready for the Open Day at the Engine Sheds.

Photo 9
Food for the visitors! The smoke unit and fireglow effect often make spectators think the model's really on fire!

Photo 10
There are lots of little hidden extras - you don't see this cameo at first glance

Photo 11
You can't get the staff!


Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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