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Manx Electric Railway - David Haynes

Running for 18 miles along this spectacularly scenic East coast of the beautiful Isle of Man the real Manx Electric Railway will enter the 21st century still operating its daily service with rolling stock built in the 19th!  

When the railway opened in 1893 many people had yet to see an electric light let alone witnessed the cutting edge technology of electric traction. As such the Manx Electric is a living window into a world which we normally see as black and white photographs!  

The section modelled: Groudle to Garwick represents three miles of the route. Of necessity the distance between the three stations model has been foreshortened, however the layout still has a scale one-third mile running distance.

The clock is moved back to 1928 to allow freight trains to once again feature and give another aspect to the model. Freight trains aside, little else on the railway has changed and it would take little effort to convert the entire model to represent modern day EMR operation. Just one attraction of the timeless Isle of Man. The model has 63 feet of double track  A very simple control system allows even the youngest to drive the trams with ease.   

The trams: all scratchbuilt from wood and metal use my own design of power truck. Each motor car having two motors incorporating large flywheels.  

The major feature is the Groudle Viaduct which like all the structures on the model is to scale and set in its correct prototype location.   The 32 traction poles carry the live (safe, low voltage) overhead wire from which the models draw their power. Britain's farm animals, Scalextric and Preiser people help to set the scene.

Visitors are forewarned that the layout has a resident pet mouse "Squeaky".  He has a habit of scurrying a long the track - however he is quite friendly and never ever bikes!   The complete model has taken approximately five thousand very enjoyable hours to construct.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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