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Globo Del Ojo

Globo Del Ojo

Globo Del Ojo - Tamar Valley Group

This layout based on a spoof in The Grauniad from way back in 1978 is set on the small Central American Island of San Serriffe.  The island is supposed to have achieved a similar economic status to Cuba.  The use of archaic and badly maintained motive power almost up to the present day had a delightful appeal about it.  The main traffic consists of bananas, timber and The Man from Delmonte.

It was at first considered to operate in real time, the supposed mid-morning arrival thundering in at half-past three.  We would then be able to devote most of the exhibition to enjoying everyone else's layouts.

The layout when viewed from above is in the shape of the traditional textbook drawing of an eyeball; hence the cod translation.

We run a Shay, two diesels and a cobbled up Porter, with two locomotives controlled separately from a single transmitter.  This way one driver can easily operate double headed.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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