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Dinas Ddu - Peter Booth

Dinas Ddu is closely based upon the approach to the Dinas Junction Station, which was the terminus of theNorth Wales Narrow Gauge Railway's main line to Rhyd Ddu. It is modelled as it is thought to have been in the early part of the 20th century, based on contemporary plans and photographs.   This Railway was eventually incorporated in the ill-fated Welsh Highland Railway in 1922. The site is currently under development for plans to reopen this spectacular scenic railway.

The intention has always been to model everything from scratch and this has largely been accomplished, the choice of the unusual scale of a 8mm = 1ft leaving little option.  The track is spiked to wooden sleepers in a prototypical manner, and the ballast has been produced from crushed slate.

The Locomotives have been constructed from nickel silver and brass, information having been obtained from the manufacturer's drawings.

Coaches and wagons have been constructed from wood, nickel silver or plasticard on nickel silver or brass underframes.

Stonework on the buildings has been produced by building up layers of polyfilla onto a scribed plaster base; the resulting textured finish being painted with watercolours.   The corrugated iron was obtained from Slater's sheet, which worked out exactly right for the chosen scale.  Grass is made from individual clumps of plumber' hemp and bushes and other scenery are made from a variety of materials.

The model has been a under development for over 15 years and is now virtually complete, although there is scope for more scenic development. Additional stock is planned: eight metal framed slate wagons being the most recently introduced vehicles.

The owner has been a member of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association for many years and has found inspiration and enjoyment from being associated with this excellent body. Membership is recommended for anyone modelling the narrower gauges in the larger scales.

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