. Nancledre
Nancledre Nancledre - Lawrence Stibbs & Warley MRC

Sadly, Lawrence died whilst building this layout.  The work he started has been completed by members of the club and the stock being run belongs to those members.

Nancledre depicts a small harbour town, through which runs the South Cornwall Light Railway serving the local communities both inland and along the coast.   Passenger, agriculture and marine requirements are catered for, not to mention the near-by quarry and the summer tourist trade.  A busy little spot!  Yet time seems to have left the scene somewhere between the mid 1930's and the present day!  

Next time you travel beyond the bounds of the Tamar River, if you search carefully, you may find Nancledre.  However, the West Country abounds in myths and legends... ...and this could be one of them!

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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