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Llareggub - Steve Pegler

This layout has been constructed mainly as a vehicle to display an ever growing collection of 1930's narrow gauge stock.  Although not based upon any one prototype railway, the casual observer will notice the strong Ffestiniog - Welsh Highland influence.  The baseboards are designed so that they will fold together, one on top of the other, to form a box.  Thus, the layout is totally enclosed and protected from the dust or damage for transportation.  The boards are built with a 2" x 1" framework, with chipboard tops and all the trackwork and points are Peco 0-16.5mm.

All the structures are scratch-built, usually from plywood, covered with Das Clay, then sanded and scribed.  At the slate / stone retaining walls are also built using this method.  The largest structure and a round which the layout was built, is the Engine Shed.  This building is based upon the old Boston Lodge running shed, on the Ffestiniog Railway.  It is constructed only to half of the prototypes length and placed hard up against a mirror, which gives the illusion that the shed is twice the size it really is.  

Basic scenery on the layout is built to from plaster, and covered in various ground foams and natural lichens, dried and secured with carpet spray adhesive.  The figures on the layout are nearly all from the Phoenix range in cast white metal. All the buildings, scenery and figures have been dry brushed and whethered to tone them down.  

The locomotives on the layout are all kit built from Wrightlines and Wychbury kits.  At the time of construction, I was tempted to build these to the correct gauge of 14mm, but having had the difficult task of trying to sell my P4 and EM gauge loco's to finance this layout, I did not fancy the same problem in the future!  I was getting fed up with the same, "If it had been 00 I would have bought the lot!" - never Again!  Passenger and goods stock is a mixture of kit and scratch built items and is all fitted with the Kadee couplings.  

Power is supplied by Gaugemaster hand-held feedback controllers and all turnouts are powered by Fulgurex slow action motors.  The layout has numerous isolation sections and can store up to 10 locomotives within the sidings and shed areas.  The traverser at the far end of the layout acts as one end of the run round loop and also access to the hidden section running behind the station area, to a removable cassette.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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