. Die Ober Bucherschrank Bahn .


Die Ober Bucherschrank Bahn - Alan Wright

And now for something completely different...

Regular visitors to the Wigan Model Railway Show will be able to recall Inglenook Sidings, a small OO gauge where using locomotives and stock straight out of the box.  Measuring only 4 ft by 1 ft it showed that one did not need a spare ballroom at home, a lottery cash grant, or early retirement to be able to join in the fun of railway modelling.  Indeed the little railway was kept in a recess alongside the fireplace - hence its name.

A house removal created the opportunity to build a slightly larger model as there was a space available above a bookcase. This led to the railway, as it was based upon German railway practice, becoming known as Die Ober Bucherschrank Bahn.

The railway is based on German narrow gauge practice. The model portrays a small goods yard and engine shed on a branch line. The junction to the right, the terminus to the left. The train from the junction drops off and picks up wagons before supposedly running to the terminus.

The order in which the shunting takes place is decided by the "Tiddlywink Computer".  A reference is made to the wagon on a Tiddlywink and five are drawn at random so indicating what the order of the wagons should be.

Always having been fascinated by narrow gauge railways it was decided to model the new line in O/16.5 - that is Gauge O locomotives and stock running on OO gauge track.  As one of the German model railway manufacturers, Fleischmann, already produces models in that scale it was possible again to use models straight out of the box.

Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain kits for suitable railway buildings in that scale so some licence has been taken in modifying English designs to fill the gap.

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