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Bugston Road - Hazel Grove MRG

This scale / gauge combination equates to a full size railway with rails 2' 4" apart.

The layout is set in the foothills of the Derbyshire Peak District. In this form we are showing about one third of the High Peak Tramway, the part where stone is quarried and loaded to be transported to the canal. The period is roughly pre-second world war when it would still be very active moving stone, while retaining a passenger and general goods service.

Nothing comes ready made in this scale for narrow gauge so all locos, rolling stock and buildings have been made from scratch or kits. The station and road bridge are based on prototypes on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. The stock is modelled on those which ran on various NG lines such as the Glyn Valley, Lynton and Barnstaple and quarry and trench tramways of the First World War.

When the trains exit stage right they run onto a four road sector plate where a new loco is run on from one of four headshunts. The loco which brought the train in retires to one of the headshunts to take is turn on a later train.

Bugston Road is the newest part of the High Peak Tramway and as such has been developed over the last five years.


Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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