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Blakecaster - Howard Clarke

Serving a large country estate and village of Blakecaster that is isolated from the outside world by the infamous Patchway Bog, Blakecaster has no road connection to the outside world and the only connection is by the narrow gauge railway which was laid across a narrow ridge across the bog.  The period modelled is the late 1960's when steam is rapidly disappearing from British railways and even on the narrow gauge, diesels are beginning to appear.  

The layout began as a joint venture with a friend who is no longer with us.  All the trackwork and point motors come from the Peco range while the building are mostly scratch built with a few kits built ones being added.  This is only my second personal layout in 40 years although I am an active member of the Macclesfield club.  I learnt many lessons in the construction of the layout, especially on the scenic side.  

The locomotives and the rolling stock were either built by me from kits, or scratch built.  One of the features on the layout is the large number of figures, many being grouped together in little set pieces.  These add interest tot he layout when no trains are moving and often give the impression that it is market day in Blakecaster.  

Like many layouts this one is still being worked upon and in its present state has given many hours of enjoyment and some of the credit must go to my fellow members of the Macclesfield Model Railway Group and the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association.

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