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Avalon Brickworks - Howard Martin

Avalon Brick Works (0-16.5), was originally built by Julian Andrews of Wedmore as an experiment as how small you could make an 0-16.5 gauge layout. An article written by Julian describing the building of the layout was featured in the July 1999 edition of Railway Modeller.

The scale is 7 mm = 1 ft using 16.5mm gauge to represent a track gauge of between 2 ft - 2 ft 6 ins.

The overall size is 34" x 16". The line was built to serve the fictitious brickworks which uses as source of fine clay under the peat on the Somerset Levels near Glastonbury as one of its raw materials. The company has always struggled, hence the overgrown nature of the track.  There is some hope for the future as the area where the clay and peat was extracted is an area very popular with wild birds. The' 'Twitchers' will pay lots of cash to be taken to the wetlands, as there is no road access.    

All the locomotives run on short wheelbase Tenshodo 'Spud' chassis and are either Wrightlines whitemetal or Black Dog Mine and Avalon Line cast resin kits. The open coaches are Avalon Line kits. The wagon are a mixture of Roy Link, Black Dog & Avalon Line kits most of which run on either Roy Link 'Skip' chassis or Avalon line chassis's

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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