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You will a long, long time at a map of Dorset before finding evidence of the West Purbeck tramay. It is easy enough, you find an old map, find several other narrow gauge lines notably the Furzebrook tramway, which once streched all the way from the Purbeck Hills west of Corfe to the banks of the River Frome below Wareham. You will find other lines as well. The WPT is a little more elusive, so envisage it running from the small quarrying town of West Purbeck, high on a limestone ridge near lulworth to Corvesgate. Now that is a place you can find, if you look at the end paper maps of Thomas Hardy's novels.

It has been modelled in its rather run down , 1930s state, to 1/64 of its full size, a scale better know as S.

Happily this enables a number of N gauge components to be used as the prototype's to feet between the rails is matched almost exactly by N's nine millimetres. Most important amongst these are the excellant chassis and other components manufacturer by Graham farish, whose factory is not far from Purbeck. As this is S Scale almost everything else has to be built from scratch. Therein perhaps lies the challenge in modelling this railway.

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