. Upsands Downs and Evaleight Railway .
Upsands Downs and Evaleight Railway

Upsands Downs and Evaleight Railway


Upsands Downs and Evaleight Railway
- Sussex Downs Group of the 009 Society

The "Upsands Downs and Evaleight Railway" is the product of the Sussex Downs Group of the 009 Society.

The line may be exhibited in several forms, but is basically 4-sided, with a fiddle yard across the centre of the rectangle.

The UD&ER depicts a fictitious narrow gauge line running through the Weald and Downlands around the Kent / Sussex border during the 1930's period.

Although originally built to transport clay from Gryndene Quarry to the local brickworks, and the finished bricks to main line transfer sidings, it was later extended to carry freight and passengers from the expanding market town of Evaleight down to Upsands harbour, with its steamer links across the channel.

The line is currently enjoying a healthy financial existence due to the recent demise of the local standard gauge branch and plans are afoot for a new station and headquarters, with loco workshop facilities, at Evaleight.

The model shown in the photos is "old" Evaleight. This is no longer used as part of the main layout, but is in store, and was rolled out of retirement for 1998 Winchester Exhibition, as a stand-alone station to fiddle yard exhibit.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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