. Souk el Khemis .
Souk el Khemis

Souk el Khemis

Souk el Khemis - Frank Saunders

This layout is a little unusual in that it is set in Morocco. It depicts a market in a walled town. The translation of the layout's name is "Thursday Market".

The 750mm gauge line was built to convert ore from the Rif mountains to the coast for shipment to Spain. Other traffic is provided by the main base for Spanish and Moroccan troops which is situated nearby, together with general freight haulage, as hard top roads are almost non-existent.

Like narrow links in mainland Spain, rolling stock has been purchased from Europe, Britain and occasionally the USA.

The layout is inspired by a schoolboy fascination with dessert places. It is a lurid mix of Beau Geste, Lawrence of Arabia and, of course, the "Road to Morocco" movie.

The map of the location can only be found in my head.

It is Thursday in 1938. You are invited to linger and visit this far off world.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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