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Kingston Regis - John & Jane Jacobs

The year is 1912. Kigston Regis is having yet another glorious sunny day, and the railway is very busy as usual. It is reputed that the Prince Regent stayed at the Crown Hotel, a former coaching inn, thus Kington Regis received the "Regis" in its name.

As Kingston Regis, although a small prosperous town, was not served by the major railway companies, a 2' 3" gauge line was built in 1902 to connect the town to the nearest main line some eight miles distant.

The railway, unlike many, is very prosperous, with an excellent passenger and goods service, and has rewarded its shareholders extremely well as you can see from the amount of traffic on the line today.

Enough of the fiction!!

Although Kingston Regis is ficticious, most of the buildings have been modelled on prototypes. For example, the station building is based on Portsmouth Arms on the Exeter to Barnstaple line, and the Crown Hotel is based on the hotel of the same name in Wells, Somerset. The church is loosely based on the one at Caldecott in Leicestershire, near Rockingham. All the main buildings have been built by Jane using the Linka Casting System.

Track and points are hand built. Rolling stock and locomotives are all built from kits.

Vist the Kinston Regis dedicated web site for a lot more information.

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