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Dienw Dienw - Warrington MRC

The year is 1943 and Britain is at war with Germany.

Under wartime emergency conditions all station names have been removed, to cause the maximum amount of confusion to the enemy paratroopers (who were expected to drop from the skies at any moment disguised as nuns) and as a consequence, also confusing passengers, officials and the lines management.

Somewhere in North Wales (I'm sorry, we can't tell you where, there's a war on you know!) there is a line-fach (small railway) doing its best to help the war effort against the enemy the Germans, not the English for once). The line has received a major boost in traffic from the new mysterious military building, rumoured to have something to do with explosives. All the locals know for sure is that it receives many trains of military supplies.

This little junction on its main line, with the branch line going off to Llan(censored) is like many other narrow gauge lines, alternating between absolute quiet and complete mayhem.

This model was built by members of the Warrington Railway Club.

The line is, of course, fictitious although some items of rolling stock may be identifiable. These of course have been transferred from their proper homes to assist with the war effort ... (well, that's our excuse!).

The layout operators are drawn from a pool of the following members: Dai Jones the Ballast; Dai Jones the Station; Dai Jones the Signals; Dai Jones the Electric; Dai Jones the Driver; Dai Jones the Railcar. Also hidden on the model is Jones the Spy!

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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