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Deer Creek - Midge & Dave Grassing

Join us in a journey down memory lane to a bygone age when the lumberjacks were kings of the forest.  They could handle anything by forging parts from raw iron and tough men thought nothing of putting in a full days work before the rest of the world was up.  

The equipment required servicing in situ wherever they were and oil, water, sand, slab wood and other supplies were needed to keep things going.  

The  Log Train supplied these anywhere they were required.   Each wagon had its own specific use so find, then if you wish the engines friend the water car (20), the sand car (16), the oil car (18), the pipe and scrap steel car (17), the tool & repair car (19), the gravel car (23), the caboose (9), the wonderfully cluttered blacksmiths car (10).  The slab cars were also of great importance to the lumber companies for carrying supplies to keep everyone going, although, as here, there was always of healthy dose of junk and clutter.

Nearly everything here is scratch built, trucks, locos and structures and comes complete with a large amount of imagination.  

The track here is Peco 9mm narrow gauge.  The layout being modelled is 3.5mm to the foot.  All points are operated by slow motion point motors.  

Couplings used on this layout are the Minitrains N gauge Knuckle type.  

The main locomotive is operated by a Trax shuttle, the points being operated by the locomotive using modified Trax detection units but the layout can be fully operated from the control panel. The locos are all scratch built to represent a Heisler, a Climax and a Dunkirk. The Climax and Dunkirk are wooden clad and are modelled from old photographs, all are  mounted on Kato bo-bo or tram chassis being gear driven locos.

The interiors of the main buildings are fully furnished. Please look inside. We have scoured the world to find suitable junk and unusual fittings to included on this diorama.

A full description of the building of Deer Creek can be found in the November 2000 edition of Continental Modeller.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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