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Benter Railway Benter Railway - John Perrett

There were several narrow gauge railways on the Mendip Hills in Somerset. These lines served quarries, mines and a brewery. Prototype information is scarce. except for the Oakhill Brewery Railway (and there's not too much on that!).

The model is a freelance composite of these railways.

The section photographed is based on Moorwood Colliery and incline. This incline can be quite interesting as locomotives place wagons over the rope to be wound up or down, being received by another locomotive at the other end.

Well that's the theory, but like all inclines the odd runaway does occur!

Baseboards are of traditional construction (ie bits of wood will do 'cos it's what I've got) with plywood ends cut as pairs. The "ground" is old boxes cut, crumpled and glued with scatters glued on.

Rolling stock is mainly adapted N gauge items but some kits have been added. I really must build the locomotives Oakhill, Mendip and Cranmore.

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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