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Adavoyle Junction - Tony Miles (and friends)

Mixed gauge (4mm scale : 21mm (5' 3") standard gauge and 12mm (3') narrow gauge)

Adavoyle Junction originated in 1963 with some Irish 5' 3" gauge stock built to what later became P4 standards and before P4 parts were on the market.

The layout has some novel features.  Besides noting its odd gauges and complexity (there are over 70 hand-built points, the majority operated by GPO relays conveniently placed on top of the baseboards below buildings), peep at the track:  rail was soldered to rivets set in plywood sleepers with the chairs moulded in situ afterwards by ingenious tools made by Martin Wynne.  Main line track is in 60' lengths (shorter on branches) and you will find stretches of inside keyed track and flat bottomed rail.  Uncoupling may interest (or amuse) you:  fixed under track magnets have been dispensed with and most Jackson fitted stock can be uncoupled at will anywhere on the layout - so through coaches are handled at the Junction.

Lineside details still has gaps, but there are many buildings, most representing real GNR(I) structures, and recently Dave Carter has notably enhanced Adavoyle with splendid GNR signals bearing accurately etched arms.  Look out, too, for his somersault on the narrow gauge - the Donegal Railway boasted some of these.  The turntable was believed to be a European project for 2006, but Dave has been seen eyeing its well on several occasions - so, who knows?

Published by
Chris MacKenzie for the
Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition
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